Merry Calderoni Art

One is indeed seduced by the large abstract works of artist, Merry Calderoni. They beg to be touched and speak to the senses, evoking memories of heat-hazed courtyards and crumbling ruins, redolent of sun-baked earth, dust and time. The surfaces that Merry has chosen to paint are walls. As she explains, "Much like the history of Mexico, each wall has many layers and can tell a multitude of stories." Merry uses her dedication to color and texture to conjure the essence of those stories, to convey the endurance and timeless presence inherent in the structures. Her paints may include actual fragments of walls, coarsely ground and mixed with pigment and the earthy colors blend and bleed and run, one on top of another. The layers of the paintings, like the walls themselves, may incorporate torn posters, tired bits of metal, odd remnants and tracings of the past.

Merry's art